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Silent Saturday

In a few weeks time, Christians all over the world will commemorate the death of Christ on the cross on Good Friday. Then we will celebrate Christ's victory over sin and death on Easter Sunday. But what happened on Saturday? Well, nothing really. The Bible is silent to what was going on between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.

The Bible may be silent, but it does not mean it's not telling us anything.

Let's imagine what the disciples went through on that Saturday. Their beloved teacher, leader, and messiah had just been crucified. Jesus was humiliated by being executed on the cross. He died just like a criminal. The disciples were scared. They were afraid. They didn't know what to do. They were lost. They were hopeless. What had been a once-in-a-lifetime and miracle-filled journey with Jesus for the last 3 years, turned out to be nothing more than a disappointment. I would imagine, on that Saturday they hung their head low, thinking about what just happened. Sad, afraid, disappointed, lonely, confused, and hopeless. That's what they felt on Saturday.

But on Sunday, things were changing. On Sunday, they saw the biggest miracle that God has done - nothing compared to all the miracles that Jesus had done previously. After Sunday, their hopes were renewed - their Saviour turned out to be alive after all! After Sunday, broken relationships were restored - Jesus restored Peter back to Himself. After Sunday, Christianity was never the same again. People believed. People went out to towns telling the good news story of Jesus' resurrection. People were willing to die telling this story. On Sunday, the disciples were not sad, they were joyful. They were no longer disappointed, instead they were hopeful. They were no longer afraid, instead they were brave enough to die for the gospel. They were no longer lonely, because they knew their Saviour is alive and will be with them always. Resurrection Sunday changes Silent Saturday.

You might be in Silent Saturday right now. Whether you are sad, lonely, afraid, discouraged, hurt, disappointed, confused, or hopeless, remember Resurrection Sunday. What Jesus did 2000 years ago to the disciples is still happening today. Jesus' resurrection does not only have historical significance, it has spiritual significance. By looking at the resurrection, we can be sure that God will turn our mourning into dancing. He will take off our sadness and clothe us with joy (Psalm 30:11-12). God will keep us safe (Ps 46:1-3) and He is our strength (Exo 15:2). We can be sure God is with us always (Exo 33:14). He is our hope (Ps 71:5). He is our salvation (Ps 119:81). Resurrection Sunday shows that all that promises (and more!) are true.

Silent Saturday exists between mourning and joy. It exists between sadness and gladness. It exists between despair and hope. You know what this means? It means there is an end to Silent Saturday! Silent Saturday is only temporary. Silent Saturday only exists in between. It will not last.

Friends, if you are in Silent Saturday, let me encourage you to look at Resurrection Sunday where there is abundant of hope, joy, and gladness. And most importantly, Resurrection Sunday lasts for all eternity. Jesus did not raise to be die again. Jesus is alive then, now, and forever. That should give us hope, because Jesus, our source of joy, hope, and salvation, is eternal.

I pray that this Easter will give you hope and joy, even when you are still in your Silent Saturday. Because you know Resurrection Sunday has come and Resurrection Sunday lasts forever.

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