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Happy Valentine’s Day Ecclesians!

Valentine day's is coming next week. People know February as the month of love. The month when we will do an extra mile to make our loved ones feel special. It’s just another month really, but I think it serves as a good reminder to always intentionally try to do something for your friends and family, to appreciate them because we love them.

We never know when our God will call us back so we might as well live everyday like our last. And treat others that way also - live with love and lead with love.

The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness."

Jeremiah 3:13

Can we try to love the way Jesus has loved us?

No questions, no expectations, just LOVE because He loves us first.

Be kind, be intentional, be extra thoughtful to see people's needs around you - because we are all part of God's body. :)

This week, we have done Q&A to some of our congregation members in Ecclesia. Check it out and you might get an insight about what to get them (or do) for Valentine’s Days.

The question is: 1. What makes you feel loved?

2. Who do you think love you the most in the world? How do they show their love to you?


1. I feel loved when I am eating cookies, when my mum gives me cookies and also when mommy/daddy hugs me.

2. I think MY FAMILY loves me the most in the world.


Matthew Hadi

1. When someone cares for me deeply and sacrifices time out of their day to spend quality time with me

2. My mother, because she’s always been there for me. Every day she is concerned of my whereabouts to see if I’m safe and she genuinely cares for my wellbeing, and saying goodnight to her and sharing a hug.


Tiffany Here

1. When my parents give me stuff as a reward, I feel so loved. It feels like they are recognising what I have been doing and I feel appreciated.

2. My family and God. Hugs and saying I love You.


John Blesstian

1. When I was a child, I felt loved, because my parents gave me gifts. When I was a teenager, I felt loved, because people appreciated my opinions and ideas. But now since I have a family, as the head of the household, I feel loved if my wife and children support, appreciate and respect all the wisdom that I provide for the household. Why? Because when they can support, appreciate and respect my decisions, it means that they have done their part that God wants in their lives. I yearn to not only see them happy but also for them to be successful and a blessing to many people in their environment. I myself, am not perfect but I will try hard to be the best for them.

2. Before raising my own family, my parents loved me the most. After being married for 18 years, I know that my wife loves me the most, even though we often have conflicts due to our difference, but praise the Lord when we humble ourselves and pray with God, we can overcome all problems. I know that marriage does not make us the same, but it does make us ONE and more united as one heart in all the decisions we make. My wife shows her love by playing her role as a wife very well; openly, trustworthy, responsible and respectful of my decisions. When I am weak, she gives me strength. She trusts and respects me as the head of the household. She completes all my shortcomings.



1. When people close to me remember my birthday, when my husband brings me a real surprise gift for me even though it’s not any of our special day. When my mom cooks for me. When I read Gods words and I am strengthened throughout my difficult moments. When my husband cooks for me and clean the house also.

Because it shows that they care for me and remember me in your mind and they consider me important.

2. Jesus of course. Hubby. My parents, my brother, mg church friend etc. jesus died for me and protect me in every simple thing. Giving their time, listens to me.


Irene Go

1. When I don’t come to church, everyone notices and asks “are you okay?” and it shows their care for me

2. I think God shows He loves me through the people at church, always excited to see me and always asking me if I need help or how I am and always showing me how much they care


Tanwin Tanoto

1. When I'm accepted despite of my weaknesses, mistakes, flaws, and immaturity. Because that's when I feel I'm loved not because of what I can do for that person but I am loved because of they truly love me.

2. My family, especially my lovely wife. Because she knows the worst of me than anyone else but she loves me most compared to other people. How? I think it's because she knows the true love of Christ that God loves us when we were sinners


Vania Renata

1. For me, since one of my love language is word of affirmation, I feel most loved when people appreciate me and give positive encouragement to me. Also I feel most loved when I’m able to spend time with the people that I’m close with or my family.

2. I think it’s my family, because they’ve always been there for me through my ups and downs and I believe they will always be the more for me. I can also see their love to me through their support, encouragements, presence and their correction when I’m doing something wrong or advice on some parts that I need to improve.



1. I think I’d feel most loved when people give their time to listen to the things I want to share with them, both in times of joy and in times of need, to pray with me and offer words of encouragement instead of condemnation.

This is perhaps because God creates men not to live in isolation but in a loving relationship with him and with each other and this is why we experience the feeling of being loved in simple companionship.

2. My parents do. I know they love me no matter what I do or do not do and they always pray for my good. They show me a love that is constant yet imperfect and in a way give me a picture of the perfect, steadfast, faithful and unfailing love of our Heavenly Father.


1. I feel loved the most when I received something unexpected (or something that I don't think I didn't deserve), whether it's words of appreciation, a random gift that means someone thinks about me, or TIME.

2. Jesus loves me the most. He loves me with all my weakness, He accepts me the way I am with the good and bad. And of course my family - they are trying their best to always be there for me no matter what.

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